Zedu: talking about bit knowledge of site optimization in foreign trade SEO

ow is Google? Is it more simple and more law to follow it? If someone told you that Google updated today, the new algorithm is doing, it is a lie, in fact, no one knows what the Google algorithm in the end look like. Google strictly confidentializes its own algorithm, because it is involved in hundreds of millions of money things. If the operation method to let people know, then Google paid to pay the rankings lost meaning.

Because the program will be loopholes (BUG) the world’s hackers and black hat will use the vulnerability to put their website to the first page or first, then Google will collapse the credibility of the whole, whether it is paid, or play natural ranking , Will tend to use more efficient hackers or black hat means, then the company is not far away from the dead.

Google has its own insistence that he has his own creed, that is, let people who use Google find what people want to see. For example, Google search “Picasso” appears first is Picasso this painter, rather than Picasso cars and those SEO very powerful car site.

The following began to talk about the basis of SEO

Regardless of domestic trade or foreign trade, SEO is the basis of the same, I think this is not a simple meaning, but the basis of the entire SEO project, the focus of the focus is based on SEO and station site optimization.

For example, if your home decoration, water and electricity gas pipeline laying is reasonable, is the beginning of the set down, if the laying is not good, no matter how luxurious your furniture, one will leak a power, you think this is A good home? These things do a good job early, the general will not move later.

The same site, the beginning of the server selection is not good, or platform selection is not good, or keywords, the page design is not good, no matter how late to change may still be a bunch of serious problems may be overturned again.

Foreign trade SEO some knowledge points from Zedu:

SEO construction site, including the choice of server, domain name, select the platform, page design.

1, select the server Godaddy, bulehost, can, the price is generally 4-5 dollars a month. And space no limit, send domain name, which we can own Baidu or Google understand, of course, find us Zedu to help you register more easily, the service is also better. (This sentence is suspected of advertising)

Need to pay special attention to the purchase of space must have a formal independent IP address, do not have any adult violence inside the site. Because if the unfortunate and those sites with the same IP, then the impact of your site ranking is still quite large.

2, the domain name contains the best keywords, so you can add points, if not included does not matter. Because if you have too many types of website products, no way to write keywords that is no way things, the domain name is as short as possible, because if your company’s reputation up your company’s name is a key word, you do not want people want When you find your company because your company name is too long to remember the loss of traffic it

3, the site design can be outsourced to the site company, but must make it clear that they know your request, if outsourced to the establishment of the company, change some time very trouble, and fail to meet their expectations. Remember not to be cheap, be sure to find a trustworthy, good service website design company. choose us? Why do we have the best ideas for our customers?

How to build the site, not SEO category. There is a need to remind, interested in trying to build their own friends, how to attract the site, the site’s content value is the most important, not a brilliant interface, some stations in order to do very brilliant, with a lot of JS code, The site to do 3D effects, but from the perception of foreign customers to think is not the case, more foreign countries tend to be valuable and simple things, from the SEO point of view is also true, the search engine also prefer simple and clear page.

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